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Covercy gives commercial real estate professionals the first truly end-to-end investment management software solution on the market. See all investment management features here.

Investor Portal

Build and launch an intuitive investor portal that gives your Limited Partners real-time access to all of the assets they hold with you. With Covercy’s investor portal, they can instantly view portfolio performance, new deal pages, sensitive documents, and other important communication from you — from a single consolidated source of truth. Try it today.

Investor Communications

Covercy helps streamline effective investor communications for satisfied limited partners. Learn more about Covercy’s investor communications features & see if Covercy is the right fit for your firm.

Investor Reporting

Covercy’s built-in investor reporting tools offer comprehensive and concise insights into your portfolio performance. Create reports using automated Covercy templates & give your LPs all the information they need to feel confident and informed about their investments. Read more about investor reporting with Covercy.

investment management solutions by covercy

Everything you need to raise capital for new or existing commercial real estate projects.

Capital Calls

Covercy gives GPs the ability to truly automate capital calls by integrating FDIC-insured bank accounts and ACH debit transfers right within the investment management tool. Learn more about capital calls with Covercy here. 

Deal Flow Management

Covercy empowers General Partners (GPs) with comprehensive deal flow management, streamlining commercial real estate transactions from sourcing to closing. See full deal flow management features here.

Deal Sourcing

Deal sourcing is both an art and a science. Learn how Covercy’s end-to-end investment management platform facilitates deal sourcing and closing.

Capital Stack Management

Manage your real estate capital stack — debt and equity reporting, distribution waterfalls, built-in bank accounts across assets and LPs, and liquidity management — right within Covercy. Learn how.

Deal Marketing with InvestNow

Covercy gives real estate GPs and investors modern conveniences with powerful InvestNow marketing features. InvestNow serves to facilitate the investment process for accredited investors interested in working with a GP using Covercy. See it in action on our demo site. 

deal marketing - investment management solutions by covercy

Distribution payments — automated, accurate, and easy — only with Covercy.

Real Estate Syndication

As the first end-to-end commercial real estate syndication platform, Covercy makes it easier for syndicators, deal sponsors, and General Partners (GPs) to keep investors happy. Learn more about commercial real estate syndication.

Automated Distribution Waterfall

Unlike most investment management software on the market, Covercy approaches distribution waterfalls by customizing the model to the GP’s unique deal structure. See how Covercy’s custom waterfall modeling could work for your real estate firm.

GP/LP Structure

Learn how Covercy’s suite of software helps real estate syndicators manage the end-to-end intricacies of a GP LP structure. 

Simple Pro Rata Distribution

Make simple pro-rata distributions with the click of a button. The Covercy platform can calculate and distribute funds from the asset’s integrated bank account right to your investors’ account, and recorded immediately in the investor portal. Learn more about how pro rata distribution with Covercy works.

Profit Distribution Payments

Say goodbye to wire day forever. With Covercy, all profit distributions can be made electronically via ACH debit with integrated, high-yield & FDIC-insured bank accounts. See how it works.

distribution payments - investment management solutions by covercy

A new way to collect capital, automate distributions, and maximize investments right within your investment management platform.

Fund Administration

Covercy offers robust fund administration & financial reporting tools for real estate GPs who manage real estate funds, not just syndication projects, within their portfolio.

Paid-In Capital

Covercy offers paid-in capital banking solutions that give GPs the best of both worlds: high-yield interest rates and total liquidity. See how Covercy’s GP customers are using our banking products to generate revenue off paid-in capital funds. 

Uncalled Capital (Dry Powder) Management

Covercy’s CRE Banking gives GPs and LPs access to FDIC-insured cash accounts with a high APY, maximizing uninvested or uncalled capital funds. Escrow accounts rarely, if ever, generate such a significant yield for GPs and LPs while cash sits waiting to be drawn. Learn more about how to maximize uncalled capital with smart banking strategies.

CapEx Management

Effective CapEx Management is critical for successful commercial real estate syndication deals, especially for longer-term commercial asset projects. Learn how Covercy’s robust suite of software tools helps GPs manage, report, and organize capital expenditures. 

cre banking investment management solutions by covercy

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Eric Benitez
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