Real Estate Asset

Management Platform Features

The core tools that you need to fully manage your real estate investment firm.

CRE Investment Core

Covercy’s core commercial real estate investment management platform includes essential functions like an easy-to-use investor portal, tools to create and manage capital distributions and capital calls, a comprehensive view of investor analytics, and robust cybersecurity. Learn more below.

real estate asset management platform

Investor Portal

Your investors can access their account to view portfolio info, transactions, documents & reports.

icn domestic distributions

Distributions Management

Create & manage your capital distributions.

icon capital call

Capital Calls

Create and manage your capital calls.

icn investment mgmt


View the positions of your investors in all assets & funds. Slice and dice as you wish.

icn international distributions

International Capital Call Payment Processing

Call capital in your investment currency. Investors fund them in their select currency.



Slash the risk of phishing and wire-fraud with our secure platform and payments.

icn investment mgmt

Distribution Notices

Auto generated personalized distribution notifications to each investor.

icon tax withholding

Track Ownership

Track who owns how much of each of your assets and funds. Auto calculated.

icon investors database


Manage your current & potential investors.

Distribution Payments & Automation

Make direct payments to your investors’ bank accounts easily with our automatic distribution payments and CRE banking. Explore options to auto-calculate distributions for each investor, deduct taxes, and complete all distribution payments securely online.

real estate asset management platform

Online Distribution Payments

Complete all distribution payments in a click. We’ll auto debit your account.

icn investment mgmt

Auto Pro Rata Calculator

Auto-calculate your distributions for each investor. GP promote can be added too.

icon tax withholding

Tax Withholding

Deduct taxes from each investor’s individual transaction. They get duly notified.

icon secure efund

Secure e-Fund Account™

Our partner banks or payment partners will open accounts under your fund/asset names to automate processing of capital calls & distributions.

icn investment mgmt

Payment Compliance

Our strict anti-money-laundering tests & policies help you stay compliant.

icn domestic distributions

Domestic Distributions

Make one bank transfer to an e-Fund Account™. We’ll autopay your investors.

icn international distributions

International Distributions

Make one bank transfer to an e-Fund Account™. We’ll autopay your investors in their chosen country and currency.

icon reconciliation


Automatic reconciliation ensures delivery of your outgoing distributions payments and notifies you if there’s a problem.

icon investor access

Distribution Adjustments

Add or deduct per-investor adjustments to account for due differences.

import spreadsheets

Distribution Import

Import more complex distribution calculations from your own spreadsheets.

Investor Relations

Spend less time in reporting and more time in revenue-driving activities with our platform’s robust investment analytics. Easily publish performance reports and share documents with your investors with investor relations tools that support even the most complex investment structures.

real estate asset management platform

Performance Reports

Publish structured reports with professional metrics, text updates & pictures.

icon shared documents

Shared Documents

Share documents like K1s, agreements & financial statements with your investors. Per fund / syndicate.

icon investment structures

Complex Investment Structures

Debt or equity investments, deal by deal or fund structures, single tier ownership or nested co-investments – all supported.

icn domestic distributions

Document Access Rights

Set per-document access rights: specific investor(s) or all participants.

icn international distributions


Organize each fund / syndication documents in your preferred folders.

icon reconciliation

Pictures & Videos

Entice your investors with pictures & videos of your assets.


Access auto-generated marketing materials and track investor activity to fundraise seamlessly. Plus, investors can easily e-sign contracts and transfer funds once they’re on board.

real estate asset management platform

Online Teasers

Share auto-generated investment marketing webpages with your prospective investors.

activity tracking

Investor Activity Tracker

Track which of your prospective investors access Online Teasers and how frequently they do so.

icon signatures


Let your investors e-sign contracts.

icn domestic distributions

Subscription Contract Templates

Upload contract templates. Fields like investor name and amount will be auto filled in per investor.

icn investor teaser responses

Investment Teaser Responses

Investors can indicate if they’re interested to participate directly from the Online Teaser.

How Our Real Estate Asset Management Platform Excels

Covercy’s platform allows CRE firms to spend more time deal-making and less time bogged down in administration. Improve investor relations, automate banking activities, and make processes more efficient with Covercy.

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