Distribute payments directly into your investors’ bank accounts without leaving the platform.

central cre management

One-click distributions

Calculate, execute and pay distributions fast with automations and features. Empower your investors with better data.

Pro-rata calculations

Auto-calculate your distributions for each investor based on their pro-rata ownership of the Fund/Asset. GP promote can be added as well.

You can also import data from more complex Excel waterfall calculations, or enter the data by yourself.

cre investment management toolportal

Share distribution data by email notification and using the Investor Portal

Send auto generated personalized distribution notifications to each of your investors.

Investors can access info including: gross distribution amount, tax withholding, adjustments, net distribution, transaction fees, currency exchange (if applicable) and net amount to be received by the investor.

instant cre banking

Tax withholding & adjustments

In addition to the “gross distribution” amount, you can now indicate the Tax Withholding (by % or a fixed amount) and Adjustments.

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