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Capital Reserves: Maximize FDIC Insurance Coverage on Idle Cash & Deposits

Capital Reserves Real Estate


Capital Reserves: Maximize FDIC Insurance Coverage on Committed Capital, Cash Reserves & Deposits In early 2023, a handful of U.S.-based banks were unable to meet customers’ cash withdrawal demands and […]

cre investor communication software

Use CRE Investor Communication Software to Boost Performance

Finding a deal is step one. Making it successful is step two. Learn how CRE investor communication software helps you do exactly that.

cre investor document management

Get Organized with CRE Investor Document Management

Simplify your work with the right CRE investor document management solution. Learn what to look for to structure, secure, and streamline.

create a k1

Create a K1 for Real Estate Investors

As we enter tax season in the US, many GPs are scrambling to create a K1 tax form for each investor before the March deadline. GPs and real estate firms […]

one click distributions

CRE K-1 Distribution Software for Investment Managers

Calculate and execute payment distributions and tax documents fast with new automation features. Empower your investors with better data. Smart Distribution Automation Pro-rata calculations Auto-calculate your distribution payments for each […]

commercial real estate fundraising

Tips for Successful Multifamily Real Estate CRE Investment Strategy

Explore a variety of advantages and risks associated with a multifamily investment strategy. Get complete insights here.

simplify cre distributions

How CRE Investment Managers Can Calculate Real Estate Distributions

CRE (Commercial Real Estate) investment managers help develop and enhance a business’s management model for real estate investors in the commercial real estate market. While carefully formulating and essentially minimizing […]

investor relations

GP’s Guide to Investor Relations – Covercy Real Estate Investment

Effectively managing your Limited Partner (LP) relationships is the cornerstone of success in the realm of real estate investing. But as a General Partner (GP), you’re perpetually juggling calls, emails, […]

4 Commercial Real Estate Opportunities During a Challenging Time

4 Commercial Real Estate Opportunities During a Challenging Time

Commercial real estate opportunities abound for professionals willing to take a look at current processes and try new tools.

Exploring Commercial Real Estate Banks? Look for These 3 Must-Haves

Exploring Commercial Real Estate Banks? Look for These 3 Must-Haves

Exploring options for commercial real estate banks? Learn what to look for — and why a technology solution is needed more than ever.

uncalled capital - what to do with idle cash

Uncalled Capital: Generate Interest Off Idle Cash

You already know that in the real estate world, cash is king. But during a commercial real estate deal, there are often long stretches of time during which earmarked funds, […]

explore what makes for the ideal CRE investor management software

Finding the Best Real Estate Investment Management Software

Today’s busy GPs need a real estate investor management software solution that makes their lives — and investors’ — easier. Learn more here.

CRE professional using a real estate investor portal

The Value of a CRE Investor Portal

Learn why a commercial real estate investor portal is one of the best solutions for serving investors and navigating 2023 with confidence.

cre investment management software

CRE Investment Management Software: What to Look For

Time to consolidate multiple tasks and functions of your tech stack? Explore the ideal CRE investment management software.

learn about the opportunities available in office commercial real estate

3 Tips for Office Commercial Real Estate Success

Considering office commercial real estate opportunities? Get three tips to maximize your success with the right technology platform.

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