CRE Banking

Banking integrated into your investment management platform.

CRE banking

CRE Banking: features designed for GPs and Deal Sponsors

Open FDIC bank account within the platform and bank right in the platform.
Banking provided by Choice Financial Group

cre banking - fdic insured

Banking features designed for CRE Owners

Earn interest on bank account deposits. Manage multiple bank accounts per asset. Look at each account in an asset or all accounts aggregated to that asset.

Regular Bank AccountCovercy CRE Bank Account ⁽¹⁾
Instantly Open Bank Accounts
Manual Forms
Earn interest
Make ACH Payments Online
Multiple Accounts – Manage Accounts by Asset
Flat List of Accounts
Pay Vendors and Suppliers Right from Asset Account
Auto-distribution & Capital Call Payments

Covercy is a financial technology company. Banking provided by Choice
Financial Group: Member FDIC.”

Pay suppliers and vendors out of the asset management account.

instant cre banking

Execute payment distributions.

Executing payment distributions can be tough without a system to manage the cap table and distribute funds directly to the investors bank account. Try Covercy free.

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