Performance Reporting

Built-in structured report templates for quantitative & qualitative data

Create your quarterly performance reports directly on the platform. Use the built in reporting module with the simple structured template to greatly reduce data entry time. Data may be entered into pre-structured topics, like asset updates or tenant updates. You may publish performance metrics such as income from rent, expenses or vacancy rate.

performance reports

Upload your own PDF

GPs can upload custom PDFs to share with investors.

Add picture, videos & documents

Add documents, pictures, videos and even excel sheets to give your performance reports a rich and polished feel.

asset performance reports-menu

Publish to the investor portal

Once you create the report, you can publish it to the investor portal.  You will be able to view a preview of the report prior to publishing, and your investors will receive an email notification with a direct link, informing them about the new report waiting for them.

asset performance report

Access all reports from one location

Offer your investors access to all previous reports in one central location on their private and secure investor portal.

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