The Products You Need to Scale AUM

Start with CRE Investment Core and bolt together the products you need to grow your business.


CRE Investment Core

investor portal software pricing

$100 per month

investor portal software pricing

Required base product includes

Investor Profiles
LP / Investor Position Mgmt.
Integrated E-Signature Technology

  • Investor Position Management
  • Distribution Notices
  • Track Ownership
  • Investor Management

Premium Products


icn distributions

$75 asset / month

Distribution Payments

  • Complete Online Distributions
  • NO domestic transaction Fees
  • Pro-Rata Calculations
  • Tax Withholding
  • Investor Distribution Notification
  • Payment Compliance
  • Domestic Distributions
  • International Distributions
  • Reconciliation
  • Distribution Adjustments
  • Distribution Import

icn investor relations

$35 asset / month

or $135 per fund per month

Investor Relations

  • Performance Reporting
  • Document Management and Sharing
  • Investor Insights 
  • Integrated E-signature
  • Document Access Rights
  • Documents Folders
  • Pictures & Videos
  • Structured Reports

Transactional Fees

investor portal software pricing

ACH distribution payment Free
Receive capital call payment Free
Cross border distribution payment $15*
FedWire distribution payment $5*
Currency exchange rate variable*
Escrow account $2500

Talk to sales to learn more about fees in other currencies and currency exchange.

*Distribution fees and exchange rates are borne by the recipient.

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