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Free investment management software
asset/ month
$0 Balance
0% APY
Monthly Income
Up to 3 Assets
$0 / Asset
Monthly Profit
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Free plan includes:
  • Investor management
    Manage your assets and your investors all in one place.
  • Investor Portal with reporting
    Elegant investor portal where your investors can review performance.
  • Fundraising and capital call management
    Promote new properties/assets via the platform. Record interest level and funding.
  • Distribution process management
    Manage the distribution process and notifications to your investors.
  • GP/Asset-level accounts - FDIC insurance available
    You may open accounts with our partner bank for each of your assets and GP companies (*). FDIC insurance is available (***).
  • Free ACH payments
    No transaction fees for ACH payments made from Covercy bank accounts.
  • Up to 3 team members
    Unique logins to the platform for 3 team members.
Save 20%
Automate payments and increase productivity
asset/ month
$0 Balance
0% APY
Monthly Income
2 Assets
$48 / Asset
Monthly Cost
Monthly Profit
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All the benefits of Free, and:
  • Full Investor Portal
    Give access to your investors: new opportunities, assets, reports, documentation, K1s.
  • Automated distribution payments
    End-to-end automated distribution payments. Calculate, notify, distribute directly to your investor's bank account.
  • Capital call collection with ACH debit
    After fundraising commitment, automate the capital call payment processing and reconciliation.
  • Automated waterfalls
    Covercy will customize your waterfall to your specific needs. One click for you to calculate and distrbute funds.
  • Basic permissions
    3 levels of user permissions: Admin, Editor, and Read Only.
  • Up to 6 team members
    Unique logins to the platform for up to 6 team members.
Save 20%
For growing teams and funds
holding/ month
$0 Balance
0% APY
Monthly Income
2 Holdings
$72 / Holding
Monthly Cost
Monthly Profit
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All the greatness of Standard, and:
  • Funds (with capital commitments)
    Allows raising funds in an open fund structure.
  • Fund-level accounts - FDIC insurance available
    You may open accounts with our partner bank for each of your funds, assets and GP companies (*). FDIC insurance is available (***).
  • InvestNow for fundraising
    Let your investors shop for future investments.
  • Fully customizable permissions
    User roles fully customizable.
  • Investor Accreditation
    Connected to a partner for Investor Accredidation.
  • Premium support
    Dedicated premium support.
  • Unlimited team members
    Unlimited unique logins to the platform for your organization.
(*) Covercy is a financial technology company, and is not a bank. Banking services provided by Thread Bank, Member FDIC.
(**) The tiered annual percentage yield (APY) is effective as of December 26, 2023. This is a variable rate based on the Federal Funds Rate and may change after the account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. The Covercy Visa Debit Card is issued by Thread Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa is accepted.

(***) Your deposits qualify for up to a maximum of $3,000,000 in FDIC insurance coverage when placed at program banks in the Thread Bank deposit sweep program. Your deposits at each program bank become eligible for FDIC insurance up to $250,000, inclusive of any other deposits you may already hold at the bank in the same ownership capacity. You can access the terms and conditions of the sweep program at and a list of program banks at Please contact with questions on the sweep program.

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Complete Features List

FreeStandard TOPPro

Maximum number of assets

The maximum number of assets per account (assets owned solely by a fund are not counted)



Up to 3 assetsUnlimited assetsUnlimited assets

Maximum number of funds


The maximum number of funds per account



Unlimited funds

Maximum team members

The maximum amount of team member who may access the account



Up to 3 membersUp to 6 membersUnlimited

Unlimited investors

There is not a limit to the number of investors one could have.



Investor portal

Let your investors access all they need in one place.



Distributions management


Track Distributions



Fundraising management


Share digital prospectus with investors.



Capital call management


Track Capital Calls with investors.



Performance reporting


Look at asset performance.



Document sharing with permissions

System of record for all things.



Up to 10 documentsUnlimited documentsUnlimited documents
Investor Portal

Google / Facebook login


Convenient login to the Investor Portal.


Investment information


Share information with your investors.


Performance reporting


One location for Investors to see all their investment performance.


Set bank account for distributions


Investors can add the bank account where the distributions will go. They can update at any time.


Document Management


Convenient location for all agreements.


Financial transactions


System of record for all financial transactions.


Capital call payments


Capital call request recorded. Investor can complete their part of the capital call.



Distributions management & ledger


System of record for all distributions.


Distribution notices


Communicate with investors on upcoming distribution payments.


Waterfall calculation


Customized waterfall distribution tailored to the specific needs of each asset/fund.


Waterfall tracing with downloadable spreadsheet


All waterfall calculations can be downloaded into a spreadsheet if one wants to trace the calculation.


Automated ACH payments ($)


For both distributions and capital calls made on the Covercy GP Platform, ACH payments will be completed. The money will be transferred automatically.


Automated cross border payments


Trasfer distributions or capital calls into the correct currecy with over 22 countries.


22 currencies22 currencies

Auto payment reconciliation


Reconcile all distribution payments right on the platform.


Fundraising management

Pipeline management


Keep track of investors in the process of investment opportunities.


Digital deal pages


Professionally showcase your investment opportunity to potential investors.


Investor response tracking


Track investors from soft-circled to signed to invested.


eSignatures with templates


Let your investors e-sign contracts.


Investor accreditation


Access third-party tools to verify investor accreditation.


InvestNow for fundraising


Let your investors shop for future investments.


Capital calls

Capital call management & ledger


Create, manage and dcoument all capital calls.


Capital commitments (coming soon)


Manage ongoing capital calls with funds that have open capital calls.


Capital call notifications


Notify investors of an active request for a capital call.


Auto collections with ACH debit ($)


Automatically collect all funds directly into your account via no fee ACH debit transaction.


Cross border collections ($, €, £, ₪)


Call capital in your currency. Investors pay in their currency.


Auto payment reconciliation


Reconcile all capital call payments within the Covercy Platform.


Banking and payments

Bank accounts with FDIC insurance available


You may choose to hold some of your uninvested cash in our partner bank’s interest-bearing accounts (*).
FDIC insurance is available (***).


Unlimited GP accounts


You can have as many GP bank accounts your need within the Covercy Wallet.


Unlimited asset accounts


Open as many accounts that you need per asset. Typically, most assets have 3-5 accounts.


Unlimited fund accounts


Open as many accounts that you need per fund. Typically, most funds have 3-5 accounts.


Free ACH payments


No transaction fees with ACH debit transactions.


Free debit cards


Instantly get Debit Cards per GP / Fund / Asset account to manage and track expenses more efficiently (**).


Checking account APY


Earn APY (**) on uninvested capital within the accounts you open via the Covercy platform.


Up to 3.84%Up to 3.84%Up to 3.84%

Email support


Request and receive email support.


Phone support


Request and receive support via phone.


Dedicated customer success manager


Assigned a dedicated manager to assist with account.


Security & privacy

Two-factor authentication


Two step verification security protocol used to protect access to critical systems.


SSL encryption


Uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard internet security technology


Data encryption


Translating data technology that moves data from plain text to ciphertext for security purposes.


Annual penetration testing


A simulated cyberattack in order to identify system vulnerabilities.


Banking permissions management


Allowing different levels of users on the system. The permission gives access to all banking modules.


Customizable permissions


System User permissions customizable to meet the customers need.


Over 100 Investment Firms in the US rely
on Covercy

The Best Real Estate Investment Tool

In the competitive world of real estate investing, finding the best tools to manage your top real estate industry assets and facilitate seamless communication with your investors is crucial. Covercy, a leading real estate syndication investment software, has emerged as the ultimate solution for property managers and investors alike. Covercy helps residential and commercial real estate investors maximize their return on investment (ROI) while simplifying the entire investment process. Read below about the competitive real estate investment management software pricing. 

Key Challenges Faced by Rental Property Investors

One of the key challenges faced by rental property investors is conducting thorough property analysis to identify lucrative real estate deals. Covercy’s powerful platform streamlines this process, enabling users to make informed decisions by providing comprehensive information about the property and real-time performance metrics. This invaluable information allows investors to make better investment decisions, leading to higher real estate business profit and return on investment.

A Trustful Tool

Property managers and real estate professionals in the industry know that investor satisfaction is paramount to succeed in real estate. Covercy’s intuitive investor portal fosters transparency and trust, allowing investors to easily access essential information such as performance reporting, capital calls, and distributions. This user-friendly software for real estate investors enhances the overall experience and encourages investors to continue collaborating on future projects.

The Features

The platform’s sophisticated features also include fundraising pipeline management, cross-border capital calls and distributions, and document sharing with permissions. These capabilities not only save time but also reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring that real estate deals run smoothly and efficiently.

Real estate investment is a dynamic landscape, and the tools investors use must adapt to these ever-changing conditions. Covercy’s cutting-edge software helps real estate investors stay ahead of the curve by providing invaluable insights, streamlining communication, and automating various aspects of the investment process.

The most popular questions

Yes! At Covercy, we believe in growing together, and we think every successful real estate investor business or deal sponsor deserves access to an investment management tool comprising real estate tools and resources with an investor portal, regardless of their budget or real estate market size. Ditch spreadsheets and centralize your assets, rental properties management, partners, and cash flow management (income and expense) with Covercy — for free.

The free trial gives you 14 days of access to the premium features offered in Covercy’s Standard and Pro packages at no charge. Once the trial is over, you can choose to pay for the monthly subscription or simply cancel before being billed. Supercharge your investment management processes with automation and customizations tailored to your team’s and your investors’ needs.

Subscription discounts are based on deposit volume. The more cash you deposit into a Covercy account, the greater the discount you receive to use Covercy’s investment management software. Some Covercy users keep enough cash in the Covercy wallet that they actually earn more in deposit revenue each month than they spend to use our software, resulting in a net profit.

Simply open a checking account with Covercy and make a deposit. Interest is calculated daily and distributed monthly into your account. Unlike other high-yield accounts (e.g., savings, CDs, etc.), there is no fee, no minimum deposit volume, and absolutely no time lock during which you lose liquidity. Access your funds anywhere, at any time, without penalty. The more you deposit, the more you earn. What a great use of uninvested capital!

No, it is not a requirement to open a Covercy bank account to use the investment management features. You can integrate your own third-party bank account with Covercy’s payment features. However, the APY benefits are only available to users who open Covercy checking accounts.

Yes! All functionality available during your free trial will also be available to your investors through the investor portal. However, keep in mind that if your Standard or Pro tier free trial period ends without a subscription purchase, your investors will no longer be able to access the portal.

Yes, you may cancel your monthly Covercy subscription at any time. After you cancel, your subscription will end and you will not be billed for the next month’s payment cycle.

The actual formula for calculating APY: If your balance is between $120,000 and $1 million (Fed Funds Rate – 0.2%) * 48%. If your balance is between $1 million and $5 million, you would earn (Fed Funds Rate – 0.2%) * 65%. If your balance is between $5 million and $15 million, you would earn (Fed Funds Rate – 0.2%) * 72%. The above APYs represent a Fed Fund Rate of 5.0% and are true as of May 3, 2023.

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