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The growing popularity
of manufactured housing

Manufactured housing, often referred to as mobile home communities (MHCs) or trailer parks, has become an increasingly popular asset class in the real estate sector for various reasons, both from the perspective of deal sponsors (those who syndicate and manage the investments) and limited partners (investors). Here are some reasons for the rising popularity.

Affordable Housing Need

As housing prices in many areas surge, the need for affordable housing options intensifies. Manufactured housing provides an accessible alternative, and with growing demand, it has become an increasingly attractive investment.

Supply Constraints

The limited development of new parks due to zoning restrictions and societal stigma enhances the value of existing parks. This restricted supply, combined with rising demand, can lead to increased occupancy rates and potential rent growth.

Stable Cash Flow

Manufactured housing communities often ensure stable and predictable rental income. Since most residents own their homes and rent only the land, turnover tends to be lower than in traditional multi-family properties, making it a reliable source of income for investors.

Lower Maintenance and CapEx

The park owner’s responsibility primarily lies in maintaining the infrastructure and communal areas, not individual homes. This results in lower capital expenditures and maintenance costs compared to other real estate assets.

Attractive Yield Relative to Risk

The risk-adjusted returns on manufactured housing have historically been attractive, especially compared to other core real estate sectors like office or retail, which may face more pronounced market volatility. During economic downturns, the demand for affordable housing options can grow, making manufactured housing a potentially countercyclical asset. Historically, this asset class has proven its resilience, maintaining its value or even appreciating during broader market downturns.

In essence, when we talk about the attractive yield of manufactured housing relative to its risk, we’re pointing to its ability to consistently deliver returns (yield) while exhibiting a relatively low likelihood of negative financial surprises or downturns (risk) compared to other real estate asset classes. This balance makes it particularly appealing for investors seeking stable cash flow and reduced volatility.

Covercy is the first real estate investment management platform with embedded banking. 

Syndicators and General Partners (GPs) who own manufactured housing assets are using Covercy for distribution payments, capital raising, and investor portal solutions – all in one platform. Because of Covercy’s integrated banking features, GPs and investors can move money back and forth in a matter of minutes, and even earn high APY rates on uncalled capital without delayed access to funds. 

Why GPs use Covercy for
manufactured housing syndication

Tailored Financing Solutions

Unlike traditional banks that often hesitate to finance manufactured housing, platforms like Covercy offer bespoke financing options designed specifically for this asset class, enabling GPs to raise capital efficiently.

Streamlined Operations & Efficiency

With a consolidated interface, GPs can manage fundraising, investor relations, distributions, and reporting all in one place, making the entire syndication process more efficient and reducing overhead costs.

Transparency & Real-Time Access

Covercy provides unparalleled real-time insights, ensuring that investors have immediate access to project updates, financials, and other crucial data, fostering trust and smoother investor communications.

Increased Access to a Diverse Investor Pool

Covercy can help expand a GP’s reach beyond traditional networks, connecting them to a broader and more diverse group of potential investors specifically interested in the manufactured housing sector.

These core reasons highlight the fundamental advantages GPs can enjoy when leveraging investment management platforms like Covercy for their manufactured housing endeavors, setting them apart from traditional real estate syndication methods.

Manufactured Housing Types

While sometimes used interchangeably with “mobile homes,” the term “manufactured housing” actually encompasses several subcategories.

Mobile Homes: This term is often used interchangeably with “manufactured homes,” but technically, “mobile homes” refers to residences built before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) set standards in 1976. They’re typically constructed on a steel chassis and are movable, though many end up in one location permanently.

Manufactured Homes: Built after 1976, these homes adhere to HUD standards. They are built off-site, often in factories, and then transported to their final location. They can be single, double, or even triple-wides, referring to their width. Like mobile homes, they are often placed on leased land in a community, but they can also be placed on privately owned land.

Modular Homes: These are also built off-site, usually in sections, and then assembled at their final location. They adhere to local building codes and are often indistinguishable from site-built homes once completed. They are typically placed on a permanent foundation.

Panelized Homes: These homes are constructed from whole walls, or panels, which are shipped to the site and then assembled. They offer more design flexibility compared to modular homes.

Pre-cut or Kit Homes: These are essentially “home kits” delivered to the site where they are then assembled. The most famous of these might be the Sears Catalog Homes from the early 20th century.

Tiny Homes: While not exclusively manufactured, many tiny homes are built off-site and then moved to their final location. They’ve become popular for those looking to minimize their footprint or live a more minimalist lifestyle.

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