Pricing & fee policies




  • Euro €9.00 EUR
  • United Kingdom Pound Sterling £5.00 GBP
  • United States Dollar $15.00 USD
  • Australian Dollar $6.00 AUD
  • Canadian Dollar $6.00 CAD
  • Israeli New Shekel ₪39.00 ILS
  • Swiss Franc Fr5.00 CHF
  • Romanian New Leu lei21.00 RON
  • Czech Koruna Kč129.00 CZK
  • Danish Krone kr35.00 DKK
  • Hong Kong Dollar $40.00 HKD
  • Hungarian Forint Ft1,420.00 HUF
  • Japanese Yen ¥616.00 JPY
  • Norwegian Krone kr39.00 NOK
  • New Zealand Dollar $7.00 NZD
  • Polish Zloty zł38.00 PLN
  • Swedish Krona kr44.00 SEK
  • Singaporean Dollar $7.00 SGD
  • Thai Baht ฿530.00 THB
  • Turkish Lira TL14.00 TRY
  • South African Rand R61.00 ZAR
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi ¥100.00 CNY

Cancellation and refund policy

Each transaction through Covercy is made up of two services: currency exchange and currency transfer. If a transfer is canceled after the exchange has taken place, during the approval process, there are two refund options.

The funds will be re-converted to the original currency and refunded to your account, minus the currency conversion fee.
The amount will be refunded to the account from which you sent the funds in the converted currency. Your bank may charge additional fees for this kind of refund.

If you need to cancel a transaction, please contact us at

Bank rejection policy

If a receiving bank rejects your transfer for any reason, we charge a handling fee of either 0.15% of the transfer amount or fixed transfer fee, depending on the transfer amount.

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