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Real Estate Investor Performance Reporting Software from Covercy

Effective performance reporting is crucial for real estate investors to make well-informed decisions and manage their investments efficiently. Covercy, a best-in-class real estate investor performance reporting software, offers an all-in-one software built to streamline the reporting process and enhance communication between investors and general partners. It allows investors to gain visibility into their investments in real time, facilitating efficient and effective data management. 

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Built-in structured report templates for quantitative & qualitative data

Create your quarterly performance reports directly on the platform. Use the built in reporting module with the simple structured template to greatly reduce data entry time. Data may be entered into pre-structured topics, like asset updates or tenant updates. You may publish performance metrics such as income from rent, expenses or vacancy rate.

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Upload your own PDF

GPs can upload custom PDFs to share with investors.

Add picture, videos & documents to investor reports

Add documents, pictures, videos and even excel sheets to give your performance reports a rich and polished feel.

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Publish reports to the investor portal

Once you create the report, you can publish it to the investor portal.  You will be able to view a preview of the report prior to publishing, and your investors will receive an email notification with a direct link, informing them about the new report waiting for them.

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Access all investor performance documents from one location

Offer your investors access to all previous reports in one central location on their private and secure investor portal.

What are the core benefits of Real Estate Investor Performance Reporting Software?

Time-saving and efficiency: By automating the reporting process and offering pre-built templates, the software helps save time and effort, allowing users to focus on data analysis and decision-making. It replaces the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and provides an efficient way to manage rental properties and their financial performance.

Enhanced communication: Real estate investment performance reporting software facilitates clear and effective communication between investors and GPs by providing comprehensive, visually appealing, and easily accessible reports. This improves investor relationships and increases overall transparency.

Data accuracy and consistency: The software ensures that all performance metrics are accurate and consistent, reducing the risk of errors and misinterpretations.

Informed decision-making: By providing detailed performance data, the software enables investors and GPs to make informed decisions based on reliable insights.

real estate investor reporting software


Real Estate Investment Management Software

Investment software for real estate investing, also referred to as real estate performance reporting software solution, empowers investment partners and property investment managers to optimize investor relations, market value, and return on investment (ROI) for both commercial and residential properties. It is designed to help grow your business by offering a comprehensive solution for asset and portfolio performance, distribution management, and document management.

While it shares some similarities with property management, investment management software takes it a step further by analyzing the comprehensive real estate investment portfolio and predicting the performance of current and potential assets. It is an easy-to-use solution that provides personalized reporting, stakeholder communication, and cash flow analysis.

By offering a thorough and data-driven evaluation of portfolio management solutions, asset managers can assess the long-term prospects of their investments and keep track of potential risks in the asset data collection process. This software is also advantageous for casual real estate developers, as it enables them to utilize the up-to-date extracted data to maximize their property’s value.

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