Investor Portal

Let your investors access the information they need

Your investors can access their account to view their portfolio of investments, financial transactions, documents & reports. With Google Login or Facebook Login, they are always 1-click away from entering the Investor Portal from their mobile device or laptop web browser whenever they want.

Access financial transactions

Investors can view all capital contributions & distributions associated with their investments. They can click on distributions to see additional information, like tax withholding & adjustments you’ve added.

If you use Online Distribution Payments, they can even see the live status of their pending distribution, as well as the exact transaction fees, currency exchange (if applicable) and net amount they should receive to their bank

View shared documents

Your investors can see the documents you’ve shared with them, in the context of their investment. Keeping K1s, agreements & financial statements in a single location will help you avoid unnecessary communications.

Explore performance reports

Investors Publish structured reports with professional metrics, text updates & pictures.

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