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multifamily asset management software

Grow with Multifamily Asset Management Software

Learn how the right multifamily asset management software can streamline your efforts to grow in this still-thriving investment channel.

what are k1s - commercial real estate tax forms explained

Everything You Need To Know About Schedule K-1s


Everything You Need To Know About K1s Running a fund or real estate firm brings with it many responsibilities, like choosing the right deals for your LPs, and making them […]

fund distribution automation - commercial real estate software

Three Advantages of Fund Distribution Automation Software

Looking to save time and effort on distribution day? Learn about the fund distribution automation capabilities that only Covercy offers.

US Accredited Investors Covercy

US Accredited Investor: Find Out What Real Estate GPs (General Partners) Need to Know

As a GP (General Partner) in a real estate investment firm, you probably have your “go to” investors. From time to time, you need to expand your investor pool. When […]

distribution waterfall in commercial real estate

Everything You Need To Know About How to Start a Real Estate Investment Fund

Plenty of investment opportunities exist today for people looking to grow their wealth and maximize their returns. Whether you’re a veteran or a new general partner looking to start an […]

how to retain investors webinar

7 Ways How to Find Limited Partners (LPs) to Reinvest In Your Next Deal

Watch full presentation on demand Learn how to overcome the challenges of attracting Limited Partners (LPs) to invest in your next deal. Attracting a new investor costs 10x more than […]

uncalled capital - what to do with idle cash

Uncalled Capital: Generate Interest Off Idle Cash

You already know that in the real estate world, cash is king. But during a commercial real estate deal, there are often long stretches of time during which earmarked funds, […]

cre investment management software

CRE Investment Management Software: What to Look For

Time to consolidate multiple tasks and functions of your tech stack? Explore the ideal CRE investment management software.

best multifamily markets

The Best Multifamily Markets: A 4-Minute Guide

Invest in the best multifamily markets with this quick guide on which cities are doing well, why they’re succeeding, and how to maximize your results.

nmhc san diego

Meet Us at NMHC San Diego 2021

See you at the NMHC San Diego annual meeting. For the last 15 months we’ve laughed, cried, loved and talked business over Zoom. Now it’s time to get back to […]

nhmc annual meeting

Covercy Showcases Online Distributions at NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego

Online Distributions, Investor Portal and Fundraising Tools for Commercial Real Estate Investors. At the NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, we demoed the bevy of powerful new features that […]

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