CRE Owners Are Using Covercy

Easy On-boarding & User Friendly  |  Direct Distribution Payments™  |  Low Cost

Trusted by more than 150 GPs

CRE Owners Are Using Covercy

Switch to the next-generation platform for investor administration with built-in CRE banking.

Easy On-boarding & User Friendly  |  Direct Distribution Payments™  |  Low Cost

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Trusted by more than 150 GPs

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icn domestic distributions

Online Distribution Payments

Complete all capital distribution payments in a click. We’ll auto debit your account.

icn domestic distributions

Secure & Regulated

Slash the risk of phishing and wire-fraud with our secure platform and payments.

investor portal

Investor Portal

Give your investors a beautiful and intuitive investor dashboard.

icn domestic distributions

Automated Pro-rata Calculations

Auto-calculate your distributions for each investor. GP promote can be added too.

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We started with a pilot to automate distributions and centralize investor management. We’ve tripled our Covercy usage within six months. We’re never going back to manual.

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Covercy has allowed us to streamline our investor interaction through their direct deposit distribution option, document storage, and investor portal where investors can see their investment portfolio information regarding each asset.

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We have over 500 investors with thousands of capital calls & distributions dating all the way to the 90s. Our entire investor management now runs on Covercy. We’re 10 times more efficient than before.

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Before Covercy it felt like we were an accounting firm – that all we were doing was constantly making payments and dealing with bureaucracy, leaving us no time to truly grow our assets and portfolio. It was a colossal waste of time and energy.

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One-click-Distributions are way better than the precious time we spent on quarterly distributions. We reduced liability & LPs no longer chase us to resend the same data. Game changer!

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