CRE Banking with Covercy GP


Wednesday, May 25th


12:00pm ET / 9:00 am PT

CRE Banking

Join us to learn about CRE Banking within the Covercy GP platform and how it will help you streamline your processes.

Do you have multiple bank accounts per deal? Do you have to manage multiple bank accounts across deals? Would you like everything in one place?

You have a lot to juggle managing your deals, projects and investors. Join us for a customer webinar on how CRE Banking works within the Covercy GP software platform.

You will learn:

  • What is CRE Banking and how it works?
  • What can you do with CRE Banking without leaving the Covercy GP platform?
  • How quickly and easily you move funds with CRE Banking?

Presentations by:

Doron Cohen
Founder & CEO Covercy

Doron Cohen is the founding CEO of Covercy. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded Leverate, which he led from concept to exit as the leading platform for FX brokers worldwide. Today Doron drives the vision behind Covercy to be the number one banking and investment management platform for CRE investment firms.

Micky StrasbertMicky Strasberg
Head of US Customer Success

Micky Strasberg leads Customer Success for  Covercy. Micky enjoys interacting with the GPs who use our software and setting them up for success. Entrepreneurial at heart, Micky founded two start-ups and was a Fund Manager.

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