7 Ways To Make Sure Your LPs Reinvest In Your Next Deal


Thursday, July 29th


2:00pm ET / 11:00 am PT

Join us to learn how to overcome the challenges of attracting LPs to invest in your next deal. Attracting a new investor costs 10x more than convincing an LP who has previously invested with you to invest in your next deal.

Although investors are the customers of CRE firms, unlike in other industries, they are often treated like total strangers. Delivering good IRRs is important, but it is not enough given that your typical investor is likely to invest with a few other CRE firms as well.

In such a competitive market where it is difficult to find the next deal, being able to know that you have the financial backing of your LPs is critical to win.

You will learn:

  • Obstacles that prevent your LPs from investing in your next deal
  • Actionable tips to retain LPs
  • How Covercy helps GPs delight their LPs

Presentations by:

Tal KerretTal Kerret
President, Silverstein Properties

Tal is an advisory board member and a co-founder of SilverTech Ventures, our partner in NYC. He is the President of Silverstein Properties.

Doron Cohen
CEO Covercy

Doron Cohen is the founding CEO of Covercy. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded Leverate, which he led from concept to exit as the leading platform for FX brokers worldwide. Today Doron drives the vision behind Covercy to be the number one banking and management platform for CRE investment firms.

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