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Covercy Showcases Online Distributions at NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego

Online Distributions, Investor Portal and Fundraising Tools for Commercial Real Estate Investors.

At the NMHC Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, we demoed the bevy of powerful new features that we’ve developed in our platform since the last meeting in Orlando. The last meeting was held right before the global pandemic at the end of January 2020.

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Micky Strasberg demos the Covercy Investor Portal at the NMHC Annual Meeting 2021

The annual NMHC (National Multifamily Housing Council) event brings people together from the entire multi-family housing ecosystem.

Commercial real estate General Partners (GPs) were excited about Covercy’s end-to-end online distributions. The commercial real estate investment managers enjoyed seeing how easy it is to distribute funds to their investors from within the platform in just a few clicks.

“When the pandemic started, we saw a sharp decline in the volume of distribution payments,” remarked Covercy CEO Doron Cohen. “Cash was king again for some time. As the industry quickly recovers and gets ready to grow again – we’re seeing rapid growth in the volume of distribution payments. Getting hundreds of quarterly payments, notifications & calculations done right, in one click, is more important than ever for those who want to focus on delivering performance and finding their next deal.”

GPs also marveled at Covercy’s investor portal with metrics and images on the real estate investments for Limited Partners (LPs) as well as tools for fundraising.


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Meet Us at NMHC San Diego 2021

See you at the NMHC San Diego annual meeting.

For the last 15 months we’ve laughed, cried, loved and talked business over Zoom. Now it’s time to get back to business IRL. Real Estate is all about property in the real world, and what better place to talk commercial real estate investing than in person at the NMHC annual meeting. We could not be more excited to close Zoom, get on a plane, and talk business over a cold beer.

A lot has changed with Covercy since we last met at NMHC in Orlando back in January 2020 when the world was quite a different place than the one we have come to know.

A few updates for CRE Investment Managers

  1. We’ve tripled our customers! When we last met we had a product just learning how to walk. Now we’re running marathons.
  2. We’ve completely solved manual CRE investment distributions. Now Covercy saves you weeks of precious time and money. Use Covercy to automate distributions from end-to-end—right into your investors’ bank accounts—without ever exporting a document or leaving the platform.
  3. We killed the NACHA file. For those of you who think you’re doing it automatically, but still exporting NACHA files—we have a treat for you. We killed NACHA. It had to happen sooner or later. Now you don’t even need to do that. With one button you can deposit all the funds, minus withholdings, right into your investors’ bank accounts.
  4. We moved Investor communications to the cloud while keeping you grounded with your investors. While the whole word went virtual, we helped our clients go to the cloud as well. No more manual spreadsheets on office computers. With Covercy we made your investor relations possible from anywhere.

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about how we can automate your operations, reduce overhead and delight your investors. 

See you in San Diego!