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Covercy has won the Best Real Estate Platform award in US

May 9, 2018

Published by Property Portal Watch   Leading payment solution Covercy has won the Fintech Breakthrough Award, denoting it as one of the best real estate platforms around currently. This award is handed

Covercy Wins Best Real Estate Investment Platform Award

May 7, 2018

Published by Yahoo Finance   Covercy, the leading payment solution for the global private investment industry, wins the prestigious Fintech Breakthrough Award, previously won by companies like JPMorgan Chase, Paypal

Xennials now driving international property market

November 14, 2017

Published by Estate Agent News   According to research by Covercy, the majority (38% of total transactions amongst all ages) of international property investors using cross-border payments were born between 1973

U.S. Property Too Expensive for Foreign Investors

October 18, 2017

Published by STL Real Estate News View original article   Following a substantial rise in foreign investment in U.S. real estate in H1 2017, data from leading international payment services

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Your best new client may already be doing business with you

September 1, 2016

Published by The Guardian View original article Making the most of established customers often produces better results and enables more small business growth than pitching to new prospects. It’s easy

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