How it works

In order to understand how it all works and how you can enjoy Covercy’s offering of better exchange rates and faster payments, we will take you step by step through our process and show you how easy it is to save time and money when making a cross-border transaction.


Define amount and currencies

You can either define the amount you wish to send, in your currency, or the amount you wish the recipient to receive, in his/her currency. Once you have entered the desired amount and currency, we will present you the complementary amount with our attractive rates.
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Add your details & the recipient's

Fill in both your details and the recipient's in order for us to perform security checks and process the payment. Filling in your details is only required when making your first transfer. We might request additional information during the process.
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Send us the funds

Once you have finished filling in all the required information, you will receive the payment instructions. The moment you send your funds to us, we make sure to transfer it to your recipient. In case we need further information or encounter any issues, you will be contacted immediately.
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Track the payment process

In your Covercy account you can find all the transfers you've created along with their current status, for simple and easy tracking.
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Save money for your business on its international payments. Simple, fast and secure.