Bank Transfer Center

Looking for what details you need to have in order to create an international bank transfer? Want to learn more about the different bank system worldwide? Find out what it is you need in order to send money to your beneficiary.

Transferring money abroad requires a little more time and attention than a simple local bank transfer that you can easily do from your desktop at home or through your mobile bank app. An international wire transfer requires some additional details such as a SWIFT code or an ABA RTN in order to complete a transaction.

Moreover, usually there is a need to buy a foreign currency, which adds a slight complexity to the whole process. In addition, different countries require different types of information based on their own internal financial structures.

To guide you through the different elements needed to complete your international payment, we have and are working hard to simplify the process and give you all the information needed to save you time and effort, when creating your international bank transfer.

Below are only a selected number of countries that Covercy can send money to, however, these countries require specific information to complete the process.