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Explore the nuances of different real estate asset classes.

Distressed Properties

Navigating distressed properties requires precise decision-making and strategic insight. Covercy’s platform equips general partners with advanced tools to analyze risk, manage portfolios, and maximize returns on distressed property investments, turning challenges into profitable opportunities.

distressed property - real estate asset classes

Manufactured Housing
(Mobile Homes)

The manufactured housing sector is booming, with more investors recognizing its unique value. With Covercy, general partners can efficiently manage mobile home assets, track valuations, and optimize investment strategies to ensure stable, long-term returns.

manufactured housing - asset classes

Multifamily Housing

Covercy streamlines the multifamily investment process, from acquisition to property management. Harness the platform’s capabilities to oversee tenant relations, maintenance schedules, and financial projections, ensuring your multifamily properties are both profitable and well-maintained.

multifamily syndication

Office Space

In the evolving landscape of office real estate, Covercy offers general partners a futuristic lens. Use real-time data analytics, market insights, and portfolio management tools to ensure your office spaces remain attractive and profitable amidst market shifts.

office space - real estate asset classes


Manage and grow your industrial asset portfolio with confidence. Covercy’s robust platform provides comprehensive insights, helping general partners identify growth areas, manage operational efficiencies, and capitalize on market trends.

industrial asset classes - real estate

Warehousing & Storage

As global trade and e-commerce grow, so does the demand for warehousing and storage solutions. Covercy provides the means for general partners to seamlessly manage these assets, forecast demand, and ensure maximum occupancy and returns.

warehousing and storage - real estate asset classes

Student Housing

Student housing presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Covercy’s tailored solutions for this sector allow general partners to manage tenant rotations, upkeep, and investment returns efficiently, maintaining the property’s value and appeal.

student housing - real estate asset classes

Mixed Use

Balancing residential, commercial, and retail in mixed-use properties can be complex. Covercy simplifies this by offering integrated tools for general partners to ensure each facet of their mixed-use property is optimized for success.

mixed use - real estate asset classes

Land Development

Strategize, plan, and execute land development projects with precision. Covercy’s platform offers general partners insights into market trends, regulatory landscapes, and potential profitability, ensuring successful and lucrative developments.

land development - real estate asset classes

Build to Rent

The build-to-rent sector is thriving, and Covercy offers the tools general partners need to make the most of this opportunity. Oversee construction timelines, manage tenancies, and forecast returns, all within the platform’s integrated environment.

build to rent real estate asset classes

Alternative Investments

For those venturing beyond traditional real estate classes, Covercy offers a suite of tools tailored for alternative investments. General partners can confidently explore and manage assets such as data centers, senior housing, or resorts, backed by Covercy’s expertise.

alternative investments - asset classes

Real Estate Funds

Efficiently manage and grow your real estate funds with Covercy. From investor relations to asset diversification and performance tracking, the platform provides general partners with a holistic view and control over their funds.

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“We started with a pilot to automate distributions and centralize investor management. We’ve tripled our Covercy usage within six months. We’re never going back to manual.”

Eric Benitez

Principal, FCA Orbita Group
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