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Using Covercy for Importers and Exporters


Importers and exporters around the world rely on efficient payment systems in order to send and receive goods via air, sea and land. Whether paying cash in advance, cash with order, or cash on delivery, money has to show up on time for the transaction to complete successfully.

Merchants and sellers need to accurately calculate their cost price and add various insurance and freight charges, often requiring complex planning. When merchandise is sent or collected abroad through oceans and airlines, both the exporter and importer take on big risks and rely on effective remittance to safeguard their business.

This is when savings on international wire transfers become indispensable for both the manufacturing exporter and the receiving importer. Using Covercy, both parties can greatly benefit from low fees and always-low exchange rates. Right from the initial stage of creating a pro-forma invoice before the actual shipping, the supplier can be confident that his basic profit margin is guaranteed.

When ordering a shipment from a foreign country, most importers are heavily involved with their national banks for daily operations. The remitting bank plays an important role in the value chain, but it usually offers high wire fees and an unjustified high exchange rate for each transfer. It does not have to be this way: Covercy offers SMBs lower exchange rates than the bank and save every exporter or importer hefty amounts of money on international wire transfers.

Actually, when you join the vast network of importers and exporters using Covercy every day for their business wires, you pay for international wire transfers as though they were local transfers in European countries like the UK, Germany, Spain or France. This ultra-efficient system also features an incredibly low exchange rate for every single wire transaction, making the traditional wire transfer system simply redundant.

Since Covercy works with many SMBs in the export/import industry, they have streamlined the user experience to best serve professional exporters and importers working in EU countries. Many of their customers in the international trading industry especially appreciate the “Rate Guarantee” feature, which provides the payer with the final exchange rate at the actual time of each online wire transfer order.

Exporters and importers have a pretty busy schedule and need to effectively manage their transactions, invoices, shipments, letters of credit, drafts, quotas, packages, containers, cargoes and freights. Those in the field drive to the docks, piers and ports, check and clear their delivered goods through customs, pay their duties, fill out their declarations and keep their licenses. With all of this happening, every importer and exporter should make it their objective to pay the lowest possible fees on money wiring.

So the next time you want to ship out goods or collect a cargo, re-think your money transfer strategy and consider joining other importers who are actively lowering their money transfer costs by taking advantage of Covercy’s reliable service. The service is fully regulated and authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Covercy serves export management companies (EMCs), export trading companies (ETCs), transportation companies, while at the same time helping individual importers working with giant eCommerce websites such as eBay, Amazon & AliExpress. It is our commitment to save you real money on each and every wire you make, straight from your PC or your smartphone, by opening a Covercy account.

If you are in the export/import trade and have a question about the methods and benefits of the Covercy system wire transfer system, feel free to use our support center or contact our dedicated team of experts, serving you even during busy trading hours.