one click distributions

One-click Distributions for CRE Investment Managers

Calculate and execute distributions fast with new automations and features. Empower your investors with better data.

Smart Distribution Automations

Pro-rata calculations

Auto-calculate your distributions for each investor based on their pro-rata ownership of the Fund/Asset. GP promote can be added as well.

pro rata distributions

Tax withholding & adjustments

In addition to the “gross distribution” amount, you can now indicate the Tax Withholding (by % or a fixed amount) and Adjustments.

Automated bank account logic chooser

When you create a new distribution, a bank account will be automatically assigned to each LP. If an LP has multiple accounts, the distribution will default to the last account used.

Investor bank account import

You can now automatically import the bank account details of your investors. For their future distributions you can access info directly from the “Bank Accounts” screen.

Distribution import

Import more complex distribution waterfall calculations, taxes and adjustments from your own spreadsheets.


Improved Experience for Your Investors

Detailed distribution data in portal & notices

Investors can now access info including: gross distribution amount, tax withholding, adjustments, net distribution, transaction fees, currency exchange (if applicable) and net amount to be received by the investor.

investor portal distribution

Smart investor sign up / login routing

We made it easier for LPs to access the platform. Each time an LP is sent an email, it will contain a smart link that will direct them to either the signup or login page depending on their sign-up status.

Export transactions

Investors can now export all transactions to Excel.