Modern entrepreneurs: Aspiring people leaders or diehard developers?

Published by Virgin

Entrepreneurs are a breed apart; single-minded, passionate, innovative, often disruptive individuals characterised by their fearless attitude to risk and determination to get results.

As their start-up grows, and new people join the team, the founder faces the prospect of taking on the mantle of leader, putting their aspirations and their ability to motivate people to the test.

Some resist the change, seeing their primary role as driving the development engine and looking to a business partner with strong leadership skills to handle that side of building and running of the business.

Others, however, argue that the most successful entrepreneurs are those who are prepared to stretch themselves to take on the responsibilities of leadership.

As Doron Cohen, CEO of business payments service Covercy points out, entrepreneurs quickly realise that creating and leading the right team is essential to leading their company to success.

He says: “This realisation informs how you act as a leader and forges a collaborative relationship with your staff. As talented as you can be on your own, without colleagues challenging your ideas and assumptions, you will not be as successful as you can be if you have the right team.”


Having got successful businesses off the ground alone, some young entrepreneurs have flourished in their role as a people motivator…