Is a feeble pound a thing that is bad or great?

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Since the Brexit vote on June 23, the value of the pound has dropped almost 20% against the dollar.
Some argue that a devalued pound is an excellent chance for British exporters and the natural effects of a currency which has been over valued for too long.
Others make the case that it’s a damning indictment of the global finance market’s lack of faith in the UK’s prospects in a post-EU world, and will have a horrendous impact on the money we pay for services and goods.
We’ve asked owners, managers and specialists from businesses across the nation what they think… to get a balanced viewpoint.

…“The poor pound is both a good and a bad thing.
Because we buy British we can, theoretically us should not hurt and ought to stand us in good stead. We should get the benefits of our products being more affordable abroad.
It might help us raise our export business which would be useful.
So, we might, in turn, have to pay increased prices.”
Doron Cohen, CEO of online cross-border payment service Covercy.