CMO Challenge: Making the Most of Big Data and Analytics

Published by Microsoft Accelerator


Chief Marketing Officers today face numerous challenges, from choosing the right platforms to advertise on and hiring good talent to choosing the right CRM and analyzing ROI. Luckily, no matter what you’re up against, there are always ways to improve and optimize your strategies in order to become more effective and make your department a scalable revenue generator.

In the case of today’s CMOs, one major issue is the large variety of advertising platforms, which require the CMO to be able to see the big picture as accurately as possible in order make data-driven decisions. This means there is a need for implementing technologies that enable all sorts of data tracking, from expenditure on the different platforms, to sales, upsells, remarketing and offline activities, to name a few.

…At Covercy, an online platform handling cross-border business payments, the need for a powerful BI system is fundamental for its operation, similar to other online businesses. Understanding the customer behavior funnel from various traffic sources, the behavior of returning clients, and the purchase cycle—among many other elements—are key to your business success. Covercy is using Microsoft’s Power BI for exactly these reasons. With the assistance of the Power BI team and a successful and easy onboarding process led by a Microsoft product manager, we now have insights from Power BI that extend to other departments in our company as well….