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Stay up to date on your portfolio with advanced reports from your real estate GPs

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Close new deals, review your investment performance data, and accept distribution payments—all in the palm of your hand


Why Covercy
Investor Portal?

Unmatched transparency

Access your entire portfolio across GPs and see your investments at a whole new level

All your documents in one place

Find, access and electronically sign all your asset documents in your
personal portal

In-depth performance reports

Review how your real estate portfolio is doing and receive updates from 
your GPs

Fast, secure transfers

Make capital contributions and receive distribution payments quickly, securely and in your preferred currency


Why should I use this?

Through Covercy Investor Portal, your real estate investment management companies can give you access to a tremendous amount of information about your investments and keep you in the loop about new opportunities from your GPs. Covercy Investor Portal also consolidates all your investments and documents in one place and offers an easy and secure way to transfer funds and receive distributions.

Is it safe?

100%. Keeping your data completely safe at all times is our utmost priority. We never share or use it.

This seems interesting. How do I add my portfolio to the Covercy Investor Portal?

Speak to your real estate GPs about managing their investments and investors using Covercy GP. Creating reports is completely free, and once they’re using our system, they’ll be able to add you so that you can stay on top of your portfolio using Covercy, too.

Why should I use Covercy to send or receive funds for a cross-border investment?

Before developing our platform for real estate GPs and investors, Covercy focused primarily on and developed an expertise in international fund transfers. Unlike banks, Covercy charges a fixed transfer fee, regardless of transaction size. While exchange rates can vary, with Covercy you’ll always know the transfer fee up front. On top of that, you can accept distributions to the account of your choice, in your preferred currency.

Should I use Covercy to send or receive funds even if my investment is domestic?

It’s totally up to you, but we think it’s a great perk. When you send or receive funds through Covercy, they get tracked in the Covercy Investor Portal, making it easy for you to view and keep track of your cash-on-cash performance.

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