Your Personal Importing Assistant

Importing is complex, we make it simpler by walking you through, step by step

Find the best suppliers

We recommend you the best suppliers that fit your specific needs

Find the best freight

Based on the specific product and quantities we find you the best freight offer

360° Importing Costs Control

From product cost through freight & customs costs- Get the entire costs estimations per importing plan, so there will be no surprises.

Pay seamlessly

Save the banks high fees- Pay your suppliers with us, seamlessly.

4 simple steps for getting the idea of importing


The What

Define the product you wish to import and get our suppliers recommondation
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The How

Define your address and date of order from supplier and get freight forwarder recommendation with estimated arrival time and costs
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The Overall Details

Get a summary of the entire importing plan with estimated overall costs, including the product, freight and taxes
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The Planning Dashboard

Track all your plans, from the product list through recommended suppliers and freights, until making the actual payment with us!
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