How terra works

terra enables you to track your international deals, and get paid online in minutes. It’s like PayPal – only for investment professionals. Once you’ve created a project, the system will contact the client on your behalf by sending them a “click to pay” link to help speed up the transfer process.



Open a terra account

to open a terra account, all you need to do is click ‘Join terra’ here or in the top navigation bar on the terra main page here. You will then be taken through a short and secure registration process in which you’ll be asked to provide a few basic details.
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Start a new project

name your first project and fill in the bank account information required for tracking currency transfers.  
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Define payment requests

at this stage you will be asked to enter the contact details of the potential buyer/investor. This will help our automated system communicate with them to speed up the process and meet your selected payment date. You can repeat this stage to add multiple clients.
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Monitor transactions

this is the fun part! Here you have an overview of all your projects and their statuses, such as number of projects funded, number of projects with partial funding, and the percentage of buyers/investors who have completed their transactions.
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Get more control over your international deals