Traveling Industry

Are you a travel agent or agency? learn how you can offer more competitive prices

Travel agencies have to pay many international suppliers, and depend on lightning-fast wire transfers to make a living in a highly-competitive landscape. Whether you operate a large or small travel agency, every day involves paying tour operators, airline companies, car rental firms, cruise lines, hotel sales managers and big travel insurance corporations. After a travel agent finishes a successful office meeting with a client about a new destination, customized family vacation or business trip, it’s time to launch the fare aggregators, check the available dates, read the contracts and start booking the suites, managing the waiting lists, haggling with airline companies and obtaining the lowest possible rates for the agency’s clients.


Without paying the minimum fees for international money transfers, travel agents and agencies cannot make a profit. Any travel agency in the 21th century must perform quick payments to booking staff and tour operators spread across the globe. Pre-booking hotel rooms or cruise cabins, chartering a bus or a bus or a boat, passing funds to overseas holiday packages providers – without cheap online bank transfers, a travel agency cannot complete its bookings.

Covercy has been working with a wide array of travel agencies in numerous countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel and many more. Cutting wire costs for travel agencies can really make a difference when settling digital payments for flights, rooms, train fares, packages and servicing business travelers. Every cent saved on wire fees and exchange fees simply increases your commission.

When Covercy works to provide low exchange rates for travel agencies, people in the travel business join the service and stay on board. It’s simple: when working with percentage premiums or standard flat fees, each travel agency must widen its margin in order to survive and finance the next season. Covercy’s innovations enables travel agents to avoid expensive bank fees, beat their close competitors and keep their suppliers happy.

It doesn’t matter if your travel agency works in the B2C market or sells exclusively to groups or multinational corporations: Covercy will make sure you pay lower rates on each wire, compared to your current bank. Travel agencies focusing on the B2B market to produce group travel events can also realize that minimizing the wire fees is a crucial competitive advantage that translates to lower prices for your most demanding customers.

By joining Covercy’s online international wire transfer system, you are joining a huge number of travel agencies of all categories, who no longer rely on banks for their bookings.