Are you an online business? if so, paying for your hosting
services is a monthly pain. Learn how to deal with it better.

Running an international website for e-commerce or business? Then you know that one of the main expenses (other than payroll) is hosting and server capacity. To shorten response times and serve global customers, many internet websites prefer to host their websites on servers in other countries. Using Covercy’s international money transfer services can save your business costs with low transfer fees. Thinking of hosting your website on servers in a foreign country? Make sure to take the following factors into consideration before making your server hosting location decision:



Website managers can choose to locate their hosting service in other countries if their audience is located in another region. For example, if your site is managed from Germany, but all your major clients are from the UK, having a server that is located in the UK, close to your end-clients, can shorten download time, and get your site rated higher by major search engines. This is due to the nature of the network infrastructure, which brings the data closer to the end-servers of your clients.



Energy Costs

Another major factor when making the decision where to place web hosting services is energy cost. Some countries have access to low cost energy sources such as Iceland and Finland. For high tech companies with complex websites and digital computations, costs of server power and energy can be very high. Smaller sites can manage with purchasing space in shared servers. However, to get stronger hosting power, a dedicated server or servers are required. For major sites, where costs may be inhibitive to even the strongest of internet businesses, a small server farm may be required. Moving servers to countries with low energy costs can help keep hosting costs down.


In recent years, privacy has become a major issue for some websites. Europe, for example, has updated privacy laws in recent years, and has instructed websites to clearly state to their users, where their data is stored. Many websites have an increased need for safekeeping the privacy of their users, due to the nature of their operation. Moving servers to a country with heightened privacy awareness can make users feel safer using your company’s services.

Payment Challenges

One of the major challenges internet website owners face is paying for server hosting overseas in a different currency. Fees for server hosting may be in the hundreds of USD per month, and can quickly eat away at the operational budget. Covercy enables inexpensive, upfront payments in many currencies. Most hosting companies require payment by credit card or bank transfer, and using Covercy’s money transfer services can keep money transfer fees down. With Covercy, payments can be made as easily as local bank transfers, quickly transferred, with a known upfront fee and set exchange rate.