A Whole New World for the Travel Industry to Explore: International Non-Bank Transfers

Travelling abroad conjures positive images of beautiful scenery, fascinating cultures and tasty food. Whether for business or for pleasure, people’s love of travel is only surpassed by their love of travel plans being arranged for them. With no hassles to deal with, your clients are free to focus on that important business presentation or relaxing honeymoon.

As a travel agent, you’ve secured international flights, hotels and car rentals for your latest client international bank transfers. You’ve even managed to book a few massages at a world-renowned spa. However, after doing your job successfully, your client expresses disappointment at the steep prices. Lately this has been a recurring scenario.

Challenges Facing the Travel Industry

To avoid losing clients and survive in the competitive travel industry, you cut your margins.  Does this sound familiar? It should. Today, small and medium-sized travel agencies and tour operators are losing significant amounts of money because of the high costs involved with international bank transfers. The fees charged when paying via the banking system for international hotels, flights, etc., often include sending and receiving fees as well as additional fees hidden in terrible foreign exchange rates.


You want your clients to fully enjoy their trip in Paris or Rome and to splurge on fashion or gourmet restaurants. You don’t want them worrying about how little they have left to spend because of money wasted on bank fees and poor currency exchange rates.  However, the opaque nature of banks often results in you and your clients unknowingly falling victim to such hidden bank-transfer costs.

There is an Alternative to the Banking System

The good news is that there is an alternative to using banks for transferring money overseas.  Growing travel agencies and tour operators no longer have to struggle with the lack of transparency, inefficiencies and high costs associated with cross-border and cross-currency payments. New international non-bank transfer services (INBTS) can now enable small and medium-sized businesses in the travel industry to transfer money abroad more proficiently and inexpensively than through the banking system.

Enter Transparency

People spend more than US$500 billion abroad each year, according to the BBC. It’s no wonder, then, that banks are making so much money off of international payment transfers. But these costs are now catching up with them, especially given today’s advances in technology. Unlike the banking system, the new and technological INBTS ensures that transparency is on full display.

All international transfer fees, exchange rates and costs are visible in real time, making your experience – and that of your clients – easy and positive. only a handful of those INTBS are custom made for SMB’s and have a feature that takes transparency to the next level, where the exchange rate first quoted on the website is the rate you will receive upon completing a transaction. This prevents fluctuating costs due to fluctuating exchange rates on each transaction. This saves money!

INTBS straightforward and transparent service for international bank transfers enables you to save time, money and the headaches of working with banks. You’ll have more energy and financial means to spend on your business. By leaving the financial stuff to INBTS, you can concentrate on organizing and selling travel opportunities.