New Platform terra Shakes up the World of International Property Investment

After a successful soft launch period, terra, Covercy’s cutting-edge new service for investment professionals is now operating at full force.

Even at this early stage, company insiders are delighted with the volume they’re experiencing and the universally positive feedback they’re receiving from real estate agents and investors on five continents.

Foreign investment in U.S. and Eastern European property is booming, thanks especially to buyers from Western Europe and the Far East, while the number of citizen through investment programmes is rising steadily. Industry experts increasingly understand the need for smooth and streamlined solutions designed to maintain cash flow, while offering clients the opportunity to make huge savings on international currency transfers.

With terra, both these goals are easily achievable, and with a wealth of new features expected to be rolled out over the coming months, it’s clear that the world of overseas investments will never be the same again.

So, what exactly is terra?

In a nutshell, terra is an online platform which enables investment professional (such as estate agents) to create and monitor all their investment projects via one transparent and uniquely intuitive dashboard. It’s the ideal way to facilitate fast and frictionless international property investments, both for investors/buyers and the professionals they work with.


The easy-to-use interface provides unprecedented levels of control and oversight to property businesses of all sizes, from large investment companies to independent agents. As the global real estate market continues to grow, the ability to monitor extensive client portfolios, guaranteeing constant liquidity and all-round satisfaction, is a vital tool for any real estate specialist.

Once a project has been created, terra contacts the investors automatically to notify them of the exact amount they need to transfer, speeding up the whole process and enabling the agent to monitor it in real time, all the way through to completion.

This ‘PayPal for Investment Professionals’, as it’s rapidly becoming known, is both totally secure and completely free to use for property pros, and it also saves money for investors. How? Well, the short answer is that it’s fully integrated with Covercy. Once an investor is added to the dashboard, that client is invited to transfer their funds via the industry’s leading cross-border payment platform. This way, the buyer doesn’t need to pay SWIFT fees or lose out due to unfavorable exchange rates.

If you’re an investment professional with clients who’d benefit from this service, check out terra now. From tracking and controlling cash in transit and automated client correspondence to simple click-to-pay client payments and unrivalled security protocols, it’s sure to become a one-stop shop for all your portfolio management requirements. And when your transfer volume reaches the required level, you’ll even earn referral fees. You can also click here to download a free infographic which shows you how terra works.


If, on the other hand, you’re an established property investor, or you’re simply looking for a way to save money when buying a home overseas, check out Covercy payments. You’ll be able to carry out fast, secure transactions, make huge savings on international transfers thanks the world’s most competitive rates, and rely on the services of a personal Account Manager whenever you need help or advice.

In an ever-changing global industry like property, it’s good to know that at long last, you’ll find yourself on terra firma.