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When we started Covercy in 2015, we thought we’d be providing a technological solution for cross-border, cross-currency payments for individuals and businesses. And we did! But it didn’t take long before our customers showed us that they found Covercy most useful for a particular type of transfer: overseas investments.

As we started understanding the relationship between the real estate investment managers (GPs) and the investors (LPs) on either side of these transactions, we learned that the processes and systems being used to manage investments are decades behind. Inefficiency across departments, and throughout the investment lifecycle, slows growth among investment firms. At the same time, investors feel far removed from their investments and miss the kind of visibility and control they’ve come to expect from public capital market investing.

Today, we are streamlining our focus on real estate investments. The Covercy GP platform includes a range of tools for GPs to manage the investment lifecycle from sourcing to closing. We also aim to provide investors with tools for more intelligent investing, building upon our trusted, global payments network.


Launched Covercy for cross-border, cross-currency payments



A new verticle emerges: transfers for overseas investment



Launched Terra to make capital calls simpler for GPs



Streamlined our investment focus toward real estate



Launched Covercy GP as an end-to-end investment management platform

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